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'Principles of Pilates'

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My passion is healing. I aim to heal the body and mind by encouraging balance and uniform development through education and mindful movement and exercise.  I fully subscribe to Joseph Pilates ethos of returning the body to life through movement.

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Nnenna Chidolue

Our Body Our Temple

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Nnenna Chidolue

Pilates Teacher

Our Body Our Temple was born from my passion for a ‘well and happy body’.

I discovered and fell in love with Classical Pilates in 2015 after I sustained a back injury. It was a long, eventful journey to recovery and in the early days of my practice, I decided to completely change career to teaching and healing with movement.

I found that not only was I getting better and regaining the hope of returning to activities I loved, I was being introduced to my body. I had resigned myself to the thought that I was clumsy and awkward in movement and handling anything at all but all that changed as I continued.

Nnenna Chidolue Classical Pilates Teacher and Movement Therapist