• Nnenna Chidolue

An Introduction:

My name is Nnenna Chidolue. I am a Classical Pilates teacher. I work from my space in Southsea, The Spirit in Sport Building, the back building of Immanuel Church (Victoria Road North) and from Bosham at Lindy Griffiths and Associates (Main Road, Bosham).

My Pilates Background:

I found and fell in Love with Classical Pilates in 2015 after I sustained a back injury from my CrossFit days. I realised not only did I feel better, but I had more awareness of my body and space. In my heart I knew I would love to teach, then an opportunity for an apprenticeship opened in April 2016. I spent 16 months in this apprenticeship. During these 16 months, I gained valuable knowledge about myself, my Pilates and my passion for healing grew so I decided to continue education with The Pilates Centre, Boulder Colorado through Pepilates in Clapham. The experience commuting to Clapham from Portsmouth for to complete this year long course is one I will talk about sometime in the future. I will however say this was the best decision and fit for me as I met great teachers and mentors.

Our Body Our Temple Classical Pilates

This was born from passion for 'well body'. I saw from my own experience and how I was growing to understand and trust this vessel, this ship which the core of whom I am resides in. For the first time I was beginning to feel like mind, body and spirit are one. This is one of the main reasons I rested on that name 'Our Body Our Temple Classical Pilates'.

At Our Body Our Temple, the aim is to heal and create balance through mindful movement, returning your body to life. My teaching comes from a holistic place. Whatever the case presented, be it healing and growing in strength from an injury or teaching your body skills to help you adapt to life and its challenges. We work together to create a body you can trust again.

I offer private sessions and group sessions (maximum of 6) and the same care and attention is given in a group session as in a private session making sure you go home with new information to help you.

My background is Classical Pilates. It forms the basis and foundation for all I offer at Our Body Our Temple Classical Pilates be it Workshops or Fascial Stretch Therapy to Release, Restore and Realign your body.

I could write for ages, but I read somewhere that I need to keep my posts short. I hope to write features about sessions, clients and results as I believe this will shed better on what we can achieve together at Our Body Our Temple Classical Pilates.

Thank you for reading.


Nnenna Chidolue Our Body Our Temple


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