Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist (TM)


Pre and Post Natal exercises help mum prepare her body for birth and trust her body and her ability to give birth to her baby.  Strengthening her mind and body, building confidence. Postpartum, we focus on helping the body recover from the birth acknowledging no two pregnancies or births are similar.

Pre Natal Sessions practice include:

- Breathing and Releasing Techniques

- Preparation for labor positions and encouraging ease of moment

- Total body integration

- Strengthen the pelvic floor

- Attention to pregnancy posture

- Education on the changes taking place throughout pregnancy

- Early Post-Partum recovery exercises



The Post Natal experience:

After birth, you begin to work on some of the exercises to help your body recover from the birthing experience.

Post-Natal Sessions practice include:

- Breathing and Releasing Techniques

- Gradually increasing strength of the postpartum body

- Realigning of the pelvis to the spine

- Deep core work 

- Strengthen the pelvic floor, rehabilitate the body from a surgical birth

- Understanding the demands of new motherhood






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